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Larry (not his real name), a successful businessman, seemed very confident and comfortable with his life. Nevertheless, he had extreme difficulty with being in public. That included restaurants, games, social events. Just taking his family to the mall was a stressful experience of public endurance.

To look at him, one would never suspect his internal struggle, yet it was getting more difficult with time. He was unsure how long he would be able to function in his business with these difficulties as feelings of helplessness were growing.

One day at his wife’s prompting he decided to look into neurofeedback. Their children made remarkable progress through the successful treatment with neurofeedback for other issues. He was encouraged by the prospects of pursuing neurofeedback as a safe treatment modality.

Larry immediately began to feel better from the first session. In fact, in watching him leave the office to go to his car, he looked as though he was happily skipping along.

Could there be such a dramatic change so quickly? Actually, the answer is yes!

Being encouraged, his treatment plan went smoothly. So much so, that for the next week, he took his entire family out to dinner every night. Later that summer, he took his children to several Phillies games, being so happy that he could comfortably go out in public.

His treatment continued and he consistently enjoyed his new feeling of comfort and peace. He noticed that he no longer flinched when he needed to be in public. A few times a year, he returns for a “tune-up” when he needs a “lift.”

The empowerment he got from neurofeedback without any side effects or serious symptom recurrences has helped him enjoy his life. Neurofeedback is an effective way of treating many forms of anxiety for all ages to provide permanent and positive changes without unpleasant side effects.

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submitted by Dr. Maria DiDonato, D.Ed. Psychologist, Achievement & Wellness Center,