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This is an anonymous letter from one of my clients  explaining his issues with Anxiety and Procrastination (permission based):

Hi Tess,

I have a long history of procrastination and need some extra help so I figured I’d post here and see what came of it.

I am generally a well adjusted person, my procrastination only really manifests itself in certain situations. Mostly school and when I have many assignments/ projects I have to get done.

I’m 23 and have been an undergrad for too long. I failed out of my first university because towards the end of my career there my anxiety caused me to avoid all work and assignments. The worst part is that I am an intelligent person and know that I had the ability to do all the work, I just was always really intensely afraid of starting a project. Anxiety and perfectionism were mostly the causes. I started at an online college so I could at least finish my degree, but my problems are manifesting themselves again.

I have been seeing a professional for this about once a week for the past eight months and it has helped a lot, but this past week I really was hit hard with anxiety and risk failing two classes again. I am really tired of my problem, but I often don’t realize how bad it is until it is too late.

My psychologist and I agree that my problem is mostly do to severe anxiety when confronted with an assignment. Anxiety having to do with fearing failure, perfectionism and how others perceive my attempts at working on things. I often feel that is more comforting to not give an effort and know I will fail, than to give an effort and not be sure of the outcome.

I’m not sure what else to do right now.  I am looking for a place where I can get some more help, or just have more immediate contact with others who may have overcome this issue.

Thanks for Reading, I hope to hear back from you.


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