Alternative approaches can offer additional paths to relief from lingering complaints due to Brain Injury.


Alternative approaches to wellness after a concussion are best tried after a diagnosis has been made through conventional and complementary means, and after conventional therapeutic approaches have been tried. Most alternative approaches to coping with post concussion syndrome (PCS) are individualized treatments that focus on the natural healing of the whole person rather than correcting individual symptoms.

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As such, alternative approaches can offer additional paths to relief from lingering complaints, as well as a stronger measure of control over your recovery.

The alternative approaches and practical suggestions in this blog are presented in-depth in my book Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. As mentioned in my previous posts all these various methods and treatments are widely accepted by professionals in the respective areas, and have been successful in helping myself and my patients/clients regain our lives. Many of the alternative approaches presented in this post I’ve been personally trained in and have used as part of my clinical practice. I will note the areas where I’ve been trained.


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