Why is one tiny word so hard for most of us to say?


When I started The Protocol School of Palm Beach, I chased every opportunity that came my way. My company was brand new and I needed clients. To grow my business, I said yes to everything.

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At first, it was great. My professional network grew and so did my client base. But then I hit a wall. I was exhausted and overcommitted. My calendar continued to fill up, but my bottom line was stagnating.

I was so busy chasing down every opportunity that I became unfocused. So I took a step back and started to measure what events and activities actually made my business grow. I changed my business model and agreed only to the opportunities that helped me scale my business and I learned to say no to everything else.

So why is one tiny word so hard for most of us to say? It’s because deep down inside, we all want to be liked so we worry that saying “no” will change the way others view us. This can be especially difficult if you’re a people pleaser. But before you take on any more responsibilities, here are some guidelines to consider.

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Published By Jacqueline Whitmore on April 28, 2014