Neuro-Feedback optimizes the brain and thats why there are many types of people who use it.

Who Uses Neuro-Feedback?

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The Five main reasons People use Neuro Feedback are:

              1. Personal and/or Spiritual Growth
              2. Anti-Aging
              3. Peak Performance
              4. Help in dealing with a physical, emotional or cognitive problem or issue
              5. Improving performance at work, school or home

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Improve Performance at Home or School

Neuro-Feedback can help students of all ages increase their ability to engage more effectively at home and in the classroom. Focus and attention span improve dramatically in a very short period of time. Students learn more and retain more of what they learn. Teachers and parents often see changes in behavior and performance after only several sessions. And yes, your IQ can change for the better!

Personal Growth

Personal and/or spiritual growth means something different to each of us. People in this group tend to be relatively well-adjusted adults of any age who want to deepen their access to meaning, joy and fulfillment in their lives. These individuals have often made a conscious decision to turn and face life and meet it head on, and tend to enjoy exploring their own consciousness.

By training their brain and central nervous system to be more flexible and resilient Neuro-Feedback users speed up their own evolution while becoming better equipped to deal with the everyday complexities of daily life. While life coaches and psychotherapists use the Neuro-Feedback system to help speed up and extend the work they’re doing with their clients, holistic practitioners from a variety of disciplines love Neuro-Feedback for the effortless shifts they see manifest when using it.

As our body ages it goes through physical, chemical and biological changes. The brain is no different. While mental fitness is important at all ages, it is especially relevant after age 40 when a number of anatomical changes begin to adversely impact our brains. Structural and chemical changes, memory loss, loss of neural circuitry, loss of brain plasticity, loss of white and gray matter and an overall thinning of the cortex are all well documented age-related phenomena that can impact our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Fortunately, these age related effects can be slowed down and even reversed.

Neuro-Feedback trainers in Europe, North America and Australia have worked with thousand of clients who have enjoyed anti-aging benefits. Clients have experienced renewed creativity, increased intellectual power, improvements in memory and greater focus and concentration. Neuro-Feedback is a key component in any plan that focuses on reducing the ravages of aging and works further by supporting other changes, such as dietary shifts, supplementation with vitamins and minerals, bio-identical hormone balancing, staying socially active and intellectually engaged, and exercising regularly.

Peak Performance
Neuro-Feedback trainers work with students, stage performers, opera singers, athletes, celebrities and executives who want to excel in their chosen field. We call this optimal flow and function. “If the performances of world-class athletes are separated by hundredths, sometimes thousandths of a second, more strength or flexibility will not help them secure victory; they have maximized that already. Nor will adding five hours of practice to an already grueling weekly schedule. It is tapping into the potential of the mind and its intricate connection to the body that will provide the elusive edge.” [Rael Isacowitz, 2006]

Help with a Physical, Emotional or Cognitive Issue
Who doesn’t have problems? Neuro-Feedback has helped thousands of people address issues they are having at home, work or school. Many clients have successfully used Neuro-Feedback to stay more focused, elevate their mood and feel less stress. It doesn’t matter whether their problem is physical, mental or emotional because we have only one central nervous system that affects ALL aspects of our functioning. Other clients have used brain training to break bad habits and to help overcome fears. Neuro-Feedback just naturally makes other changes easier. Therapists of all kinds know that their job is easier and they will get further, faster, when their client is also training with Neuro-Feedback.