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A tuned-up brain works much better than a carelessly used one.

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When they were first devised, IQ tests were intended to be bias-free. Intelligence was modeled as a fixed trait, untouched by a person’s environment. But over the years this pristine model has been subjected to considerable criticism. A poor child raised in a home where English is a second language, attending an inferior school, and facing an environment where there is daily violence isn’t the same as a child growing up in an educated home, attending a privileged school, and surrounded by an environment conducive to learning.

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Does this affect the second child’s IQ? I have my suspicions, as do various professional psychologists specializing in this area. But in practical life, I think what’s most important is how you use the intelligence you’re given. Like any other function that is dependent on the brain, intelligence is expressed in specific situations. It’s used to make decision, for example, and every decision is subject to emotions, information, stress, and the people who are in the room when the decision has to be made.

This led me to coin a term – functional IQ – that describes IQ in action. No matter what you believe your IQ to be, there are definitely ways to sharpen it.


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