Published By Elizabeth Stone on April 2, 2014,

Fear is one of the most detrimental forces in relationships.


Here are some common relationship mistakes people make in dating and relationships, along with how to do damage control if you find yourself behaving badly.


1. Acting Insecure and Clinging


Becoming worried and insecure that the person you’re dating is going to take off, stop loving you or start pulling away emotionally will cause them to take off, stop loving you and pull away. Fear is one of the most detrimental forces in relationships. When you start to cling, you come off as very insecure.

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Cut the clinging by cutting the insecurity at it’s root. Work on affirming that you are secure in the relationship, or if your relationship isn’t actually secure, work on developing your confidence so you don’t feel the need to cling to anyone like saran wrap. Unless you have an established monogamous relationship, date multiple people at once. Develop the mindset that if any one relationship ends, you will be all right, no matter what. The feeling that you are whole alone is essential to not falling into insecure and clingy behavior.