Published By Deidre Wengen, JANUARY 28, 2014 in

Gain a mental edge in the shower, on the dance floor, and more

It happened again: You spaced during an important meeting at work. You forgot to feed the neighbor’s cat. You tossed your cell in the freezer. We all get bogged down by the occasional brain fog, but by practicing a few surprising memory tricks, you can fight back and build your brain up to be stronger than ever—and avoid another icy iPhone.

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Shower with Your Eyes Closed

Strip down, hop in, and shut your peepers. Searching for the handle, shampoo, and soap while making mental notes of textures gives your brain a workout. In fact, doing anything with your eyes closed is an easy way to refine your focus and memory, says Ron White, a two-time winner of the USA Memory Championship. So if you’re feeling a little skittish about a blind shower, try it in your kitchen instead. Close your eyes and poke around for a specific item in the cupboards or on the shelves. “It will break your routine and engage your senses.”

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