Published on October 25, 2011 by Kimberly Key in Counseling Keys

Companies can’t see what they don’t value.

Work Stress-1458145One of the biggest causes of conflict in the world is due to misunderstanding. So what happens when employers misunderstand their employees? That’s what a survey discovered in a CFO article entitled, “Why Your Top Talent Wants Out.”

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I’m stressed and you don’t see it
According to the research cited, Human Resource professionals believed the number one reason high achievers leave a company is due to a lack of promotion opportunities.

They were wrong.

Can you guess the number one reason a top-performing employee would leave a company – especially in this economy? Why would you leave?

If you guessed stress, you were right. The high achievers that were surveyed reported work-related stress as the number one factor for leaving a company. Interestingly, out of the five potential causes cited by HR professionals that top-performing employees would leave, not one of the reasons included stress.

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