Published on February 27, 2014 by Dr. Susan Biali, M.D. in Prescriptions for Life

Exhausted and Worn Out? Notice and Change How You Do Things

Our society is so exhausting. It’s getting harder and harder for anyone to stop, even for just a little while. I’m seeing this in so many of the women who I coach. Often the only reason we finally do stop is because our bodies start to give up and won’t let us push anymore.

Since turning forty a couple of years ago I’ve been much more aware about pushing my body excessively. I started reading about and taking courses on midlife health and hormones (for an excellent book on this subject, check out Dr. Sara Gottfried’sThe Hormone Cure).

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Last year was a particularly stressful one and I could feel that my body was having a harder time, not bouncing back as easily as usual. I decided to go see a friend who is a specialist in women’s health and integrative medicine and, sure enough, the news was not good. My adrenal glands (which drive the stress response by producing stress hormones) haven’t completely conked out but are showing signs of strain, and various other hormones were lower than they should be. Looking at those numbers was sobering. It felt like my battle-worn body was weakly waving a white flag in front of me, trying to get my attention with the last reserves of energy it still had.

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