Tess Lawson - Vital Wellness ClinicTess Lawson is a Neuro Feedback Practitioner.
Neuro Feedback or biofeedback uses real-time displays of electroencephalography (EEG) or hemoencephalography (HEG) to illustrate brain activity and teach self-regulation.
EEG neurofeedback uses sensors that are placed on the scalp to measure brain waves, while HEG neurofeedback uses infrared (IR) sensors or functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure brain blood flow. Neuro Feedback is sometimes called yoga for the brain. It works by training the brain to be flexible and resilient. This is achieved by monitoring and interacting with the brain and training clients to offer the brain the information it needs to function gracefully.
Tess makes it a focus for her life to help others become their personal best and achieve Peak Performance. She was awarded an NRC Grant for technology in 2006, won the accolades of Kevin O’Leary on The Dragon’s Den in 2010 for Finance and is an expert on what it takes to organically grow a business. Tess knows that the deeply held triggers of anxiety are solely responsible for procrastination  or “priority dilution” of the daily tasks needed to move forward and grow both in business and in life.
Some of the results of Neuro Feedback include re-igniting the ability to “stand up” for yourself and feeling the “fight” in you come back. Patient’s feel a renewed focus for getting all the important things done and learn the ability to leave the “minor” time-eating small distractions alone. Being able to fall asleep at a decent hour and sleep  well through the night helps for both getting over depression and the soul-wrenching feelings that may linger after a break-up, loss of job or big contract. All of these things happen in life, but it is those mini-traumas that build-up and weigh us down until we stop moving forward at all.  By showing clients their brain activity during different states of consciousness or awareness, from being alert to being more relaxed, Tess is able to teach self-regulation. Great flexibility is required to shift your various states of awareness seamlessly from one task or activity to another. A truly flexible mind allows you to respond appropriately to an increased range of situations and environments.
Neuro Feedback training helps to optimize cognitive ability, attention span, motor skills, decrease anxiety and depression and increase focus — whether you are an athlete, artist or corporate executive. Do you want to work faster, more efficiently and be able to still your mind to a place of complete zen-like calm?

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